Over the last week, ratecard and programming has been released from the television Networks with February and March.

Both TVNZ and MediaWorks have increased their prices over these two months.

MediaWorks have increased their peak THREE rates on average +4.9%.  THREE has been rating well over the last quarter with the likes of The Block NZ performing better than 2016 and helping to push peak ratings up.  The peak prices increases are mostly driven by News with share up 15% year on year, and the 1930 entertainment zone.  Demand is fairly high on THREE, and MediaWorks are feeling positive going forward into 2018 with four new shows to screen in the quarter; ‘Swipe Right For Murder’ an 8 part 60 minute true crime drama based on real events that have happened to people using dating websites and then being murdered.  ‘Valor’ a drama series set on a U.S. Army base that houses an elite unit of helicopter pilots trained to perform clandestine international and domestic missions. ‘9JKL’ is a US sitcom series created and produced by Mark Feuerstein, which is loosely based on his real life. ‘DashCam’ a documentary type series about a journey around the world driving through the lens of a Dash Cam, CCTV cameras, GoPro and phone shots by motorist and pedestrians.

THREE has also put their off peak daytime rates up on average +11.3% for February and March.  This is partly due to THREE taking out the kid’s zone (1500-1600) and replacing with the likes of Daytime Movies, Now That’s Funny and Dr Phil. Also contributing to the increase is The AM Show, which is rating extremely well since it started in late February this year, which shows a 16% growth YOY (albeit off a fairly small base).  Late night off peak is also up on average +4.9% which is predominantly due to Newshub Late Monday – Friday being increased.

TVNZ also recently showcased a few new programmes coming in February and March.  TVNZ1 include ‘The Brave’ – a group of military heroes sacrificing everything in missions behind enemy lines, ‘Liar’ from the writers of The Missing about British psychological thriller in which schoolteacher Laura Nielson accuses renowned surgeon Andrew Earlham of rape, ‘Aussie Property Flippers’, amateur and professional couples who buy, renovate and flip their houses.

New programmes for TVNZ2 are ‘Spartan’, co-production with Seven Network Australia where teams from NZ and Australia will compete in this epic competition. ‘Heartbreak Island’ a singles dating show battling it out on a tropical Island, ‘Instant Hotel’, a reality competition that taps into the worldwide trend of home-owners renting out their properties as holiday accommodation and turn it into a competition, and also ‘Young Sheldon’ (Big Bang Theory Sheldon as a young boy).

TVNZ have also raised their prices going into 2018 with peak rates increased on TVNZ1 on average +1.5%, daytime at +9.5%, late night is the only zone to see a decrease at -18.5%, combined TVNZ1 wears an aggregated increase over the 2 months at 2.4%.

Heftier year on year price increases have been applied to TVNZ2 in peak at +7.5%, with decreases in daytime on average at -11.5%.  Late night on TVNZ2 has been reduced by -10.4%, aggregating to an overall increase of +2.9%.

DUKE have increased their guaranteed CPTs roughly +5% over all demos for this period, off the back of doubling its audience YOY and also demand.

Prime & Sky have a big sporting quarter ahead with Winter Olympics PyeongChang (9-25 Feb), Cricket, Tennis and the Super Rugby 2018.  A new programme for Prime is ‘Wisdom Of The Crowd’ – driven by a need to find his daughter’s killer, Silicon Valley tech innovator Jeffrey Tanner takes crowdsourcing to a new level, creating a digital platform for people around the world to publicly share and evaluate evidence for criminal investigations.

Sky & Prime rates remain flat YOY continuing with guaranteed CPT’s.

To sum it up, the market is going to continue to see inflation again going into 2018, overall viewing year to date is around -4% against the same time last year, we predict this trend to continue and coupled with increased rates, has the potential for inflation to sit around +7-10%.

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