Not sure about you, but I think the summer this year has been pretty great – the sun came out, and it was hot. For. Days. On. End. For Wellington, this is a massive deal. It was not quite the rose-tinted endless summer childhood memories are made of, but great nonetheless.

But with summer holidays being what they are, the inevitable happens. They end. And, as we all get back into the swing of things again and relearn that excel formula that we’re super proud of having figured out but which in reality hasn’t really changed our lives much, it comes time to crank open some tools and run those summer campaign post analyses.

So, let’s take a quick look at what happened on TV over the break…

How many people were watching?

Average peak time audience for All People 25-54 over the three week holiday period (24 December – 13 January) saw a lift of 2% which is a nice change compared to the 13% drop we saw the year before.

Daytime off peak viewing followed a similar pattern where audience levels versus last year were up, in this case by 8% which is also a welcome turn.

Late night viewing however, took a tumble. Compared to last Christmas, the holiday break this year saw a -6% drop in audience.

What were they watching?

Channels share across the core networks fluctuated a bit year on year with TVNZ gaining incremental share on TVNZ 1 and TVNZ 2 versus the year before and Three also seeing a small increase. The biggest changes seen were a 3.3% share point increase for TVNZ 2, and decreases of 2.1% share points for Bravo and 1.7% share points across the Sky Network.

TVNZ picked up all of the top 10 spots for programming this summer against All People 25-54 – with One News taking the proverbial cake (or, Pavlova if you like). As the top rating show over the break, it gained a 7.4 rating and achieved a share of 38.6%.

The next few spots all fell within the 6s in terms of ratings with a blend across TVNZ 1 and TVNZ 2:

#2 – National Treasure – 6.9 TARPs and 28.6% share

#3 – Home & Away – 6.3 TARPs and 25.8% share

#4 – LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring – 6.2 TARPs and a 24.6% share

#5 – Extreme Cake Makers – 6.1 TARPs and a 25.1% share

Who was spending?

As you can imagine, it’s a heavily retail based time of year, so unsurprisingly, the top spending advertisers within this sector are also. For the 2017/2018 Christmas period, the top 5 advertisers on TV were:

#1 – Harvey Norman

#2 – Trivago

#3 – Rebel Sport

#4 – Briscoes

#5 – Brand Developers

Looking at the break as a whole and as a combined effect of all advertisers, the distribution of ratings was fairly even across the three weeks: w/c 24 December delivered 31% of total ratings, w/c 31 December delivered 34% and w/c 7 January delivered 35%.

It’s great to see broadcast viewership have some small wins over what can be a hard time for viewership numbers.


Now, off to the beach. Go!




Nielsen Arianna (All 25-54, 24 December 2017 – 13 January 2018)

TV Map (All 25-54, 24 December 2017 – 13 January 2018)

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