You may be aware of the personalised newsfeed Google has announced, as it has already been rolled out to both Google Android & iOS apps. Based on the topics you choose to follow combined with your search history, interests, and current trending topics in your area, the feed aims to create a place for browsing, making Google about not only searching for dinner deals in Auckland or to find out how many eggs a chicken lays in a week (the answer is 5 on average). The idea with the newsfeed is that the more you use Google, the more personalised your feed will become, encouraging users to continue to impulsively engage and view content tailored to them.

Google Newsfeed in app examples

Google has announced that this feed will soon be rolled out past their mobile apps, and straight into their homepage. The purpose of this is to appeal to our digital mindsets, that we all want information right at our fingertips – combining search with a Twitter and Facebook-like feed, so users will begin instinctively checking the Google homepage or app, instead of opening multiple apps or browser tabs for searching and social engagement. This also means there’s a new Google product in town, and you can bet your bottom dollar that they’ll begin rolling out some new features and advertising capabilities off the back of this update.

So what can we do as advertisers with this newsfeed data?

Oh, and rest assured there will be lots of data. Although they have not released any exact monetisation plans, this feed will surely gather copious amounts of detailed information on users for highly segmented audience targeting. The Follow feature will allow companies to segment those users who are directly following their brand. Combined with the content users engage with and the topics they choose to follow, there will be many potential opportunities for brands to hone in on a highly relevant audiences and get in front of them. The key as advertisers and for companies is to be ready for these updates, and be prepared to get in the forefront of the Google Feed.

Hone in on the audience important to your brand

Newsfeed Ads

There are a few ways Google could implement monetisation within the Newsfeed. This may include ads similarly to how Facebook integrates them – promoting content and targeting audiences based on the topics they follow, their search history, demographics, etc. This could also include Native Advertising content, with promoted stories and articles coming from various media outlets sponsored by brands. However, beware of falling into the clickbait trap, and be prepared to create inspiring content marketing articles to engage with audiences!

Search, Display Audiences, & Beyond

Google recently made some changes to allow advertisers to target users within the search network by demographic. The information gathered through the newsfeed will help to create highly relevant and even more segmented audiences for improved targeting abilities. There will most likely be changes to how you can target audiences (ex. based on what they follow, as well as what they engage with in the Newsfeed) for enhanced Demographic targeting. This data will continually grow and become even more robust based on continuous engagement. Although Google already has crazy developed demographic information for Search, Display, Video & more, over time we can expect to see more and more relevant segmented audiences.

Google AdWords demographics segmentation

What’s Next?

This feed has been designed to make one of the most comprehensive advertising experiences available, as information is king when it comes to digital. Combining social aspects of who you follow, your topics and interests, along with your search query history, Google has created an expansion for their robust networks into a new space for them, as well as far-reaching data collection of users’ behaviours and interests. There are definitely some exciting possibilities that Google is bringing to advertising through this new outlet. Fortunately, Starcom works closely with Google as a global network, allowing them to roll out the latest advertising features to clients. Keep your eyes peeled, and be on the lookout for some exciting updates from Google in the near future!

Google Newsfeed - what's next?

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