Google Maps is a powerful online tool for online retailers.  Whether you are looking for directions when driving, navigating by public transport or trying to find store hours, Google Maps is there to support potential customers.

For those of you who don’t use Google Maps, here are the key reasons your business should be on Google Maps:

  1. Google Maps has valuable territory in the search results
  2. It can create opportunities when your website isn’t performing as well
  3. It can increase brand visibility
  4. Cost Effective – its free advertising

There has been some updates to Google Maps, which will add value to your customers.

Here are some key updates to help your business online:

1. Google Maps is using crowdsourcing to identify Wheelchair-Accessible locations

Google has made it possible for anyone to add details on whether or not a place is wheelchair-accessible.

By opening the Google Maps main, you can then tap on ‘Your contributions’ then tap ‘Uncover missing Info’ and sort by ‘Accessibility’ to find places around you that have information you are looking for.

Find more info about Google Maps crowdsourcing on SearchEngineLand

2. Google adds new SOS alerts to search and Maps as part of its Crisis Response features

Google’s new SOS Alerts are the latest features added by Google. The SOS Alerts will appear on the top of search results and within Google maps.

For example, if you are travelling to an event and a fire breaks out, the crisis response features will trigger and let you know what is going on.

Find more info about Google SOS alerts  on SearchEngineLand 

3. Google is testing a new Dashboard within the Search results to help local businesses manage their listing

Over the past few years, there has been many updates to Google Maps and one the biggest change, is moving Google maps into Google My Business for business owners to manage.

However, along this process, Google finds business owners not being able to update the information on their local listing and in order to improve this, Google is testing a miniature dashboard, which will stand out for business owners. Once you are logged into your Google account, and use Google’s search functionality, you will be able to edit your listing within the Search Results.

Find more info about the new Google My Business dashboard on SearchEngineLand

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