Smartphones have become a part of everyone’s lives. As you may know with your own usage, people are constantly using their smartphones.  It is no surprise that in such a digital developing world, mobile Google searches are on the rise. In fact, as of 2017, Google searches on mobile have surpassed desktop.

From Google’s perspective, it makes sense to shift focus to ensure that mobile is front and centre of everything that they do.  On the organic side, Google has made many changes.  These include mobile-first indexing to focus on mobile friendly websites & mobile content strategy to ensure relevancy.  Along with this, they forced website owners to create quality mobile experiences & content. 

On the Paid Search side, Google has been trying to align the mobile search experience between paid and organic.  Google released a new ad extension in beta – Visual Sitelinks. Since it is still in beta now, it has not ‘officially’ been rolled out yet. However, a few select accounts have been whitelisted to use this feature.

For the time being, Visual Sitelinks can only be implemented on ‘Mobile’ ads. It allows you to add at least four images that will appear below your AdWords text ads in a swipeable carousel, just like Facebook carousel ads. Images are clickable and can be utilised to drive traffic to inner key pages of the website.

Guides & Specifications

Guides & Specifications for Visual Sitelinks

Do’s & Don’ts

Visual sitelinks do's and don'ts

Why do I need them?

Somethings are just better expressed in images. Designers, Fashion Retails, Food, Travel, Jewellery and so on. Advertisers know the importance of images & visual content in advertising and marketing. Here are few examples of how we can utilise Visual Sitelinks:

Visual Sitelinks for mobile

Advertisers know that the game is all about standing out from the pack. Use of images on Google search will highlight the product experience and significantly enhance ad resonance with users giving a competitive advantage. Adding ad extension not only occupies more space on google search showing your ad dominantly on the top of the page but allows you to give more content and information to the users increasing the relevancy and reputability of your ad and with visual sitelinks it just adds an eye-catching visual element to your ad.

Google is still measuring the impact of this ad extension, however, we have seen an uplift in CTR and improved quality score. However, the performance depends on the number of factors such as Image quality, text description and relevancy.

To conclude, with Visual sitelinks, you get to capture and hook your audience with mobile riendly visuals giving more useful information to users before they click on your ad which will ensure quality traffic to your website.

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