It’s the time of the year again when the networks roll out plans for the new season, first up was TVNZ who last week showcased their new season programming for 2018.

The three main focus points for 2018 were local programming, OnDemand and attracting new viewers.

So, what can we look forward to in 2018?

With a huge investment into local content a number of locally produced shows join the line-up. The first being ‘The Legend of Monkey’, a co-production between Netflix and Australia’s ABC. It’s a 10 episode fantasy series inspired by the 16th Century Chinese fable ‘Journey to the West’ that follows a teenage girl and a trio of fallen gods on a perilous journey.

‘Paranormal Unit’ is another local production created by the Jermain Clement and Taika Waititi. This 6 episode comedy will be a popular addition to the schedule. ‘Paranormal Unit’ is a spin off series that sees the return of the constables who featured in ‘What we saw in the Shadows’ in their own ‘Paranormal activity division on the NZ police’ and looks every bit as great as the original.

Other local highlights are the return of our favourite judge duo Pete and Manu with ‘My Kitchen Rules NZ’ for season 4, then ‘Survivor NZ’ returns in a bigger, bolder, better form with an increased prize of $250,000!

TVNZ show a strong commitment to 7:30pm zone

To show how serious TVNZ are about winning this 7:30pm time zone, they have added two new local reality shows. ‘Project Runway NZ’ will come to our screens for the first time (judges TBC) showcasing our world-class fashion designers.  Then there’s the new ‘Heartbreak Island’, which is a new original format made for New Zealand audiences that puts 20 singles on a tropical island to find love and win a $100,000 prize (think Tinder in the tropics).

Also coming to the line-up is a number of quality international programmes. From the writers of The Missing is a new UK drama called ‘Liar’, which deals with the issues of infidelity and deception, secrets and lies. ‘Law and Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders’ stars Edie Falco (The Sopranos) and follows the trial that captivated America of the Menendez brothers who were tried for the brutal killing of their parents.

On a lighter note… The makers of the Big Bang Theory bring us ‘Young Sheldon’, 13 episodes of laughs and awkwardness as 9 year old Sheldon lets us view into his young gifted life.

The other big event to look forward to is the Commonwealth Games 2018

TVNZ will broadcast the games across all platforms live and free for all New Zealanders for the first time since 2008. Coverage will sit on TVNZ1, Duke, and a dedicated Commonwealth Games channel will be added for the duration. Outdoor screens will also be placed in public places around the country.

Tune in it’s going to be big!

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