After years of failed attempts (Sunrise & Firstline) Mediaworks committed huge resource to creating a state of the art studio and through much extended, advance publicity to herald the launch of NZ’s first multi-platform show, The Paul Henry Show show launched on April 3rd 2015. While it took a year for the audience to build to within spitting distance of TVNZ 1 Breakfast – which had enjoyed virtually, competition free morning air for 18 years – Paul Henry grew to win the time slot (7-9AM) with AP 25-54 for three months in August 2016 before departing the show in December 2016. Then came the inevitable questions – how would MW survive without Paul in this show?

There followed a 3 month hiatus and the hard won audience momentum dissipated. Then the AM Show launched February 22nd this year…. and it certainly looked like Duncan Garner and his team were facing a massive head wind. Although the show begins at 6AM the consistent ratings start at 7AM. Progress however has been constant with the gap between TVNZ 1 Breakfast and The AM Show steadily narrowing, until, in July and August we have seen MW inch ahead again.

Breakfast vs AM

What does it mean?

Not surprisingly this has impacted TVNZ 1 Breakfast, essentially halving their breakfast audience for AP 25-54.

And while there is a theory that a strong morning channel becomes the default channel for the evening News, there is no evidence of this currently with TVNZ 1 News remaining strong in a time slot that has minimal YOY audience decline compared with all day PUTs.

However the gap could be narrowing.  In July 2016 TVNZ 1 News @ 6 was 43% ahead of Three Newshub, while in July 2017 we have seen the lead reduce to 27%.

The battle continues!

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